About us

ArtAds.ca is a website designed for exchanging, selling and buying artwork.

User friendly, using this website allows you to get the best prices by avoiding middlemen and the commission fees owed to them.

We are not middlemen; to get information on a published advertisement, to exchange or to purchase a work of art, you must contact the seller directly.

How this idea came to life

As a young collector, I often sold or bought works of art at auctions. Doing so, I was often surprised by the margin the auctioneers kept for themselves. In galleries, although the quality of the artwork is exceptional, the high prices make it very seldom that good deals are found, unless the buyer disposes of a large budget. After all, the merchants also keep a percentage of each sale.

Determined to build myself a collection of artwork notwithstanding my limited financial means, I began to search for artwork directly at the source: the collectors. Realizing how much time and energy it requires, I then thought that it would be so much easier if all the people who have artwork to sell were advertising it on the same website. That is how ArtAds.ca came to life.