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Saunders, William J. (Bill) (1948-)

  • Type de vendeur: Collectionneur / Amateur d'art
  • Style de l'oeuvre: Figuratif
  • Catégorie: Peinture originale
  • Titre: inconnu
  • Médium: huile
  • Format: 36'' X 24'' (3 pieds par 2 pieds)
  • État: Parfait
  • Signature: Signé à la main par l'artiste à l'avant
  • Preuve de provenance incluse: Non
  • Échange possible: Non
  • Ville/Région du vendeur: Montréal
  • Province: Québec
Saunders, William J. (Bill) (1948-)

Cette peinture est une des rares huile sur toile de cet artiste. Elle est joliement encâdrée. En galerie, elle vaut environ le double du prix demandé…
Voici la bio du peintre:
Born in Montreal, Bill Saunders acquired a love of Quebec scenery at an early age. He started sketching when he was four years old, painting when he was twelve. His passion only grew through his teen years. More than fifty years later, that passion is still there. Bill paints almost every day…pursuing more dramatic skies, the shimmer of sunlight on water, the never ending dance of shadows and sunlight…every painting a new challenge, a learning experience!

Time and again, he has captured the timeless serenity of an aged farmhouse on a lonely country road, a secluded lake amidst rolling hills or a sugar shack hidden in a forest of maples. These are scenes he cherishes and tries to preserve through his paintings. As the world rushes forward, Bill Saunders hopes that these scenes will never disappear. Italy, where his grandfather was born, has recently become a source of inspiration as well as a challenge to capture the old world charm and intricate architectural detail.

Painting with acrylics, he takes a realistic approach to all his paintings and endeavours to include the most important details. Bill’s paintings were first displayed in a Montreal area gallery in 1968. As demand for his works continued to grow, he quit his secure position with BP Canada June 15th, 1977 and has been painting full time since then. His works can be found throughout Canada and the United States.

He lives and works from his studio/home in Oshawa, Ontario with his wife Bonnie and their wonderful dog Hogan (seen in some of his paintings.)

Past Shows
1981 Galerie Richard Riverin – Laval, Quebec

1984 Galerie Centre Laval – Laval, Quebec

1992 Artworld of Sherway Gardens – Toronto, Ontario

Artworld of Pickering – Ajax, Ontario

1993 White Rock Gallery – White Rock, British Columbia

Koyman Galleries – Ottawa, Ontario

1994 Ken’s Art Centre – Toronto, Ontario

1995 White Rock Gallery – White Rock, British Columbia

Art de Distinction (with Patricia Bourque) – Kirkland, Quebec

1996 Avenida Gallery – Calgary, Alberta

1997 Bell’s Framing & Fine Art – Brampton, Ontario

Barber Gallery – Guelph, Ontario

Magniframe – Toronto, Ontario

1998 Crescent Hill Gallery – Mississauga, Ontario

1999 Koyman Galleries – Ottawa, Ontario

2000 Artworld of Sherway Gardens – Toronto, Ontario

2001 Crescent Hill Gallery – Mississauga, Ontario

2004 Crescent Hill Gallery – Mississauga, Ontario

Art de Distinction (with Gail Descoeurs) – Kirkland, Quebec

2003 -2015 Annual Group Show with Crescent Hill Gallery – Mississauga, ON

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